Enclosure Series KS 4400 

A choice of variable solutions

The modular concept allows the usage of different terminal types. The number of terminals can be arranged according to requirements.

Up to 30 terminals are available in each 22.5 mm module width.

More space for your ideas

The large and stable front face provides an individual area with considerable space for operator, communications and visual display components, such as programmable interface, together with extensive space for laser etching printing.

Connecting instead of wiring

The BUS-rail provides quick and reliable data and energy transfer, and BUS-rail "crossovers" and "breaks may be avoided.

Gold plated double contacts of the terminal blocks provide a permanent contact to the BUS-rail for maximum safety and security.


More space for More design

The large, usable PCB area, provides exceptional space utilisation for the realisation of your ideas.

Reduced Assembly Time & Effort

The casting design allows for highly cost-effective, automated assembly.

Just 3 steps to a final product

1. Place the front-plate in the first enclosure part

2. insert the already assembled PCB,

3. close the second part.

Your product is ready !